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Reload your prepaid phone. Discount prices, No Tax, No Shipping, all major carriers!
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Prepaid SIM cards ON Sale! We have Mini, Micro, and Nano SIMs for most of these prepaid carriers.
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Featured SIM Card Deals - Unlimited Wireless for Less!

Buy a sim card from Airvoice Wireless or H2O Wireless and activate it on an UNLIMITED plan with no contract or credit check hassle! SIM prices are ON SALE now. You can bring your own phone with these providers too!

Buy an Airvoice sim card and activate an unlimited plan with no contract!
  • Unlimited plans start at just $20!
  • No contract, no credit check
  • You activate at airvoicewireless.com

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    Buy an Airvoice Wireless sim card and activate an unlimited plan with no contract!
    Buy an H2O Wireless sim card and activate an unlimited plan with no contract!
  • Unlimited monthly and pay as you go plans
  • No contract, no credit check
  • You activate at h2owirelessnow.com

  • Shop H2O SIM Cards

    Buy an H2O Wireless sim card and activate an unlimited plan with no contract!
    Buy a Page Plus sim card and activate an unlimited plan with no contract!
  • Dual Micro/Mini SIM cards
  • Supports most Verizon Wireless CDMA 4G LTE compatible phones
  • You activate at pagepluscellular.com

  • Shop Page Plus SIM Cards

    Buy a Page Plus Cellular sim card and activate an unlimited plan with no contract!
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    The history of prepaid wireless service, began in the 1990s, when carriers (wireless service network operators) looked for ways to expand their market reach. Until then, cell phone service was only offered on a contract or postpaid basis, which included a credit check. If you had poor credit, or were under the age of 18, or were not a US resident with a social security number, chances are you did not have a cell phone. Today however, prepay mobile phone service is found in almost every country across the globe.
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